November 28, 2023

3 Fall Leaf Projects To Do With Kids

The beauty of Fall just takes our breathe away! We will soon begin to see the leaves turn their vibrant colors and fall to the ground. One of our favorite things to do is to go for a walk and collect leaves to bring home and get creative with. Here are some leaf projects for kids that you’re sure to love! #3 is our favorite!

1. Autumn Tree

– Different color leaves
– A large piece of paper
– Brown Marker
– Glue

– Collect leaves from outside
– Use the brown marker to draw a large tree with branches on your piece of paper (it doesn’t need to be fancy).
– Have your child glue the leaves to the tree

2. Leaf Painting

-White paper (cardstock works best)
-Washable Paint (preferably green, red, orange and yellow).

– Place one leaf at a time on your paper
– Paint around each leaf with your brush
– Carefully remove leaf from paper to reveal it’s silhouette
– Repeat the process until your paper is full of leaf silhouettes

3. Leaf Rubbings

– Leaves
– Large piece of white paper
– Assorted colored Crayons (with the wrapper pealed off)
– Watercolor paint
– Cup of water
– Paint brush

– Place leaves under your paper
– Using the crayons, slowly rub over the top of the paper to reveal the outline and details of the leaf. We like to use a different color for each leaf!
– Cover the whole paper with leaf rubbings
– When you’re done fill all the leftover white areas with your watercolor paint.

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