September 22, 2023

Fashion for All

Katie Esch
Katie Esch

Hello! My name is Katie Esch. I am a hairstylist, artist, community outreach organizer and most importantly wife and mother to two amazing Littles! I am so excited to share my journey as the mother of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder with all of you and learn more about the families in our community that are raising children of all different abilities.  

I look forward to meeting more of you soon! 
Katie Esch

As we all strive to learn and grow, please feel free to reach out and correct any verbiage you do not feel reflects your family in the most respectful way. Myself and Lansing Area Littles are always looking to build an inclusive group.

This month I’d like to explore adaptive clothing. Whether your child has physical, cognitive or social/emotional limitations many kiddos end up meeting new dietary challenges and many at one point or another need some sort of GI feed or supplement. Other reasons a child might be a good candidate for adaptive clothing include the need to wear a brace, wheelchair use, sensory challenges, diabetic monitors, hearing devices and limb differences. All of these situations can be very difficult to navigate when it comes to easy to wear, easy to care, comfortable and affordable clothing. 

   Adaptive clothing seems to be a new trend in mainstream retailers such as Target, Kohls and JCPenny. However, caregivers have been altering clothing themselves as long as individuals with special needs have been here on planet Earth. Imagine the struggle of using mainstream clothing and trying to cut , sew and glue them back together into something that works for your children’s medical devices and maybe still looks fashionable. or imagine the financial burden of having every piece of clothing modified to be adaptive by a professional! All of these things seem incredibly daunting. So, I went on a little shopping trip (not sponsored) to see what I could find that would benefit kiddos needing adaptive clothing! Here’s what I found…

  Unfortunately around Lansing in store options are slim to none. I did find a sensory friendly blanket at the Okemos Target though that’s not exactly what I was looking for. So I went back online to see what I could find.

 As far as adult clothing it looks like surprisingly Tommy Hilfiger has some good options although not in the most budget friendly range. 

Target and Kohls both have a few options for kiddos but most seem to be pretty basic wardrobe pieces, lots of plain t-shirts ect. Some of these could be pretty cute. They are also budget friendly which makes them an obvious choice. 

Something I was super excited about finding was a website called Slick Chicks. This sight has all kinds of bras, underwear, camisoles and Lounge wear that is so versatile and most of it is in the $0-$50 range! 

I also found these awesome swim trunks called nonetz. They have a variety of quick drying swimwear that is net free and made from super soft sustainable fabrics! 

Let us know if you’ve found any other options! We’re happy to share!

Sensory safe events this month!

*Impression 5: sensory friendly hours select Saturdays (upcoming August 27th 9:30am-11:30am)

*Celebrate cinema: Minions July 9th 11:00am 

*Paws of Fury July 23rd 11:00am

*Temple Grandin at the Meridian Mall July 8th 

* also have an awesome resource for sensory friendly events

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