September 22, 2023

Sensory Activities for Kids of All Ages

Katie Hughes
Katie Hughes

Hello! My name is Katie Esch. I am a hairstylist, artist, community outreach organizer and most importantly wife and mother to two amazing Littles! I am so excited to share my journey as the mother of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder with all of you and learn more about the families in our community that are raising children of all different abilities.  

I look forward to meeting more of you soon! 
Katie Esch

As we all strive to learn and grow, please feel free to reach out and correct any verbiage you do not feel reflects your family in the most respectful way. Myself and Lansing Area Littles are always looking to build an inclusive group.

 When I started to notice my daughter having some sensory differences I started to research how we could help her experience more textures and become more comfortable in her own skin. What I’ve found is that the trick is to start early, start small and make it fun! Here are a few of our favorite activities.

WARNING: These activities get messy and of course use caution and adult supervision!


What you’ll need:
*1 Shower curtain liner 
*1 Can of old fashioned shave cream (be sure your little one isn’t allergic first!)
*1 Posterboard or roll of craft paper
*1 Pack of food coloring

1. Lay out curtain liner
2. Roll out paper or place poster board on the floor 
3. Put a few drops of food coloring of choice scattered around paper
4. Spray shaving cream all over paper (kids love this part)!
5.Have your littles down to their diapers and let them lay down to make a shave cream angle (careful don’t slip)
6.Allow shave cream to dry and then wipe paper off with a towel

Enjoy your art! 


What you’ll need:
*1 cup of corn starch
*1-1 ½ cups of hot water
*A drop of food coloring (optional)
*Glitter, beads, dried shaped pasta or other fun mix-ins of your choice

1.Mix water, cornstarch and food color of choice in a bowl (adjust water amount as needed)
2.Make sure the slime isn’t too hot! 
3. Use your hands and mix in your “soup ingredients” 

The thicker the “soup” the more heavy work your kiddo will do with their hands. The thinner and slimier the “soup” the more gooey and tactile it will be.


What you’ll need:
*1 Blanket
* Various Household items

1. Spread out blanket
2. Choose who gets to be a burrito
3. Have your chosen family member lay on the blanket 
4. Count to 60 and have the burrito makers find household items to add as toppings (pillows, stuffed animals, large spatula, socks etc.) 
5. Roll up your burrito! 

I hope you can use these ideas to bring a little more fun into your daily therapy and activities. It can feel like you’re making no progress sometimes or that you need to try something different and I get that! But, one of the most amazing feelings is getting to celebrate the small victories your child makes and letting them surprise you with new courage.

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