November 28, 2023

April Ideas for Families Seeking Sensory Friendly Experiences.

Katie Hughes
Katie Hughes

Hello! My name is Katie Esch. I am a hairstylist, artist, community outreach organizer and most importantly wife and mother to two amazing Littles! I am so excited to share my journey as the mother of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder with all of you and learn more about the families in our community that are raising children of all different abilities.  

I look forward to meeting more of you soon! 
Katie Esch

As we all strive to learn and grow, please feel free to reach out and correct any verbiage you do not feel reflects your family in the most respectful way. Myself and Lansing Area Littles are always looking to build an inclusive group.

Lansing area Littles is always striving to build an inclusive and vibrant community with information and resources for families of all shapes and sizes. When Amy asked me to consider writing a monthly article highlighting neurodivergent, special needs and other-abled families the answer was an immediate YES! I don’t know for sure how your family feels but I know that as the mama of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder it can often feel hard to relate to other parents and it’s even harder to watch your child try to navigate friendships. I often refer to Atypical parenting as the parenting Olympics; the most rewarding and challenging journey! The only difference is everyone these kiddos villages deserve about 100 gold medals! So, hopefully this resource will make your Olympic journey a bit easier!

 In this article series you’ll find information about sporting events, sensory safe showings and activities, the best ADA accessible parks, interviews with Lansing area professionals in fields like nutrition and occupational therapy and info on what can help make our families, cities and social groups a better place. But, most importantly, this article will give a voice to parents of children who have a wide range of special needs! I look forward to sharing your individual journeys, meeting your families and hopefully being a conduit for change.

As the weather starts to turn a bit warmer we are all feeling the itch to be out and adventuring with our littles the only problem is EVERYONE is going out. This can mean large crowds and lots of hustle, bustle and noise which can be a trigger for major sensory overload! The good news is Lansing has a lot of great options for families to explore in a sensory friendly environment!

Here are just a few of my favorites!

Sycamore Trail
This trail runs from Aurelius Road in Holt to E. Jolly in Lansing. It is 2.1 miles of smooth asphalt perfect for strollers, wheelchairs, bikes and rollerskates. 

*Paved trail
*Multiple access points
*Located Directly behind The Children’s Therapy Corner making it a nice place for parents and siblings to stroll if your little is in therapy
*2.1 miles

*There are large stretches of trail without rest areas
*Narrow passing space for other trail goers to maneuver around large strollers or wheelchairs

Celebration Cinema
Celebration has multiple showings this month for their sensory showtimes program!

4/16 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
4/23 The Bad Guys 

Coming soon:
5/28 DC League of Super Pets
6/25 Lightyear

The Detroit Tigers
I was so excited to see that the Tigers offer sensory tools kits for those who would like to attend a ball game! Sensory tool bags include noise canceling headphones, fidgets and verbal cue cards.

*Guest service Section located at section 130
*Quiet, secure environment available in the lounge behind section 210
*Sensory kits are FREE

*Crowds are a BIG con
*Must leave ID and Credit card to secure sensory tool kit 
*Getting into the stadium and to the secure location may be a challenge

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