November 28, 2023

New Early Education Tool For Lansing Area Families

Are you the parent or caregiver of a child from birth to age 8 and live in the Ingham County area?  You are invited to sign-up for ReadyRosie, an early education tool that empowers parents in supporting their child in school readiness and early elementary success.  ReadyRosie is being offered to you for free, and is a wonderful and simple tool for you to:

  • Discover activities and games that relate to learning
  • Have more fun than ever with your child through meaningful interaction.

Once you sign up, you will receive a weekly text and/or email with a couple of short videos that feature a fun game or learning activity that can be done at home.  Watch the videos with your child when you have time, and then do the activity together.  You can watch a sample ReadyRosie video at

Go to and enter your zip code to get started! We hope you give ReadyRosie and find it to be very fun and engaging way to spend time with your child! Contact Wendy Boyce at if you have questions or for more information.

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